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(ITO Kenichiro)

学習院大学文学部哲学科美学美術史専攻卒業。同年、株式会社 資生堂入社。インターメディウム研究所アート・セオリー専攻修了。資生堂企業文化部へ配属後、資生堂企業資料館、資生堂ギャラリーの学芸員を経て、現在、資生堂アートハウス勤務。

His interests range from early modernist art criticism research, today's art theory, curatorial theory to cross-disciplinary art catalyst activities.
He graduated from Gakushuin University with a degree in Aesthetics and Art History, Faculty of Letters. He joined Shiseido Co., Ltd. Completed Inter-medium Institute Art Theory major. After assigned to Shiseido Corporate Culture Department, he worked as a curator at the Shiseido Corporate Museum and the Shiseido Gallery, and currently works at the Shiseido Art House.